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Jessika (oldest daughter)

Ruth (youngest daughter)

Left to right: Bruce (Dad), Mary (middle child), Shelli (Mom), Rachel (second oldest daughter), Elijah (youngest child)

One of the photos of Mary given to the police to help them identify her when she went missing

We home schooled, so we spent a lot of time together. While the children were young, we lived in various places: West Germany, California, Utah, and Oregon. Wherever we were, as long as we were together, it was home. We lived in Southern Oregon the longest.


Bruce and Shelli, Jessika, and Elijah still live in the Pacific Northwest, though all in different places now. Rachel, with her daughter, Jaxtyn, has made her home in New York, and Ruth is living in Southern California.

Mary’s home is currently in Papua New Guinea, where she lives with her husband Ben and their four beautiful children Joya, Adira, Isaac, and Judah. They are Christian missionaries, serving five villages, helping the people who invited them with community and language development, as well as with Bible translation. For more information on them and/or their work visit: Word Made Flesh/Staff/PNG or Word Made Flesh/PNG.

Bruce still works at George Fox University as he did when this story happened. His favorite pastimes are swimming, guitar, bike riding, baking, fishing, delving into history, reading books aloud to grandchildren (over the phone — because they're all far away), and audio/recording.

Shelli continues to write when not involved in various other activities. Her website is: Her favorite pastimes are reading, walking, bike riding, hiking, spending time at the coast, stargazing, learning new things (from the Bible especially), and artistic endeavors (mainly painting).

Even though our family is spread out all over the globe, we are still connected by our love for each other — and many stories. "Mountain Rescue..." is one of them. We hope you will find value in it for your own life and journey.

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