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Hardcover book entitled "Mountain Rescue..."


a true story of unexpected mercies

and deliverance


During spring break in March 2013, our twenty-three-year-old daughter Mary Owen, a college student and outdoor adventurer, went missing.

She was an avid adventurer and outdoor enthusiast who had previously hiked the 2653-mile-long Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).

This is a story of the agony one mistake can precipitate—a portrayal of blunder, peril, and reckoning on a hazardous mountain at a dangerous time of year. It includes obsession, the allure of the outdoors, intense longing for adventure, entrapment in the wild, and Providential survival. It is an unforgettable glimpse of community prayer, faith, and hope, also of days of silence turned into song and resurrection.

Mary was later found and rescued from the side of Mt. Hood one day before Easter. She had been injured and stranded alone on Sandy Glacier for six days. Her story was in the news everywhere.


Many people indicated they'd like to hear the whole story. The book includes Mary's account, Bruce and my (her parent's) perspective, along with a collage of contributions from other people who became part of the story as it unfolded in real-time.


It took eight years to compile, write, and prepare this story in book format. The main focus is on God's miraculous preservation, rescue, and then healing of our daughter, Mary. Other elements of the story include prayers God inspired and answered, the support of our wonderful communities, and insights that came out of this incident.


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This story is available in both a regular and an expanded version. The expanded version has color photos and includes four additional chapters featuring more of the involvement of our extended families, friends, and communities.

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