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Welcome to Our New Blog

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

What's the Latest Story?

Here's a preview of some upcoming blog content:

Book Events

This coming March 2023, will be the tenth anniversary of Mary's misadventure and just over a year since the story was published (at the end of 2021). To help more people become aware that the is story available we will be doing book giveaways through and this website. Also, look for other associated events and possibly something commemorative in the spring.

Our Story Updates

What have Mary and her husband, Ben, and their four children been up to the last year or so? They'll be sharing some of their adventures, maybe some photos too, from their current lives and activities in Papua New Guinea.

What new writing projects is Shelli working on?

Will Bruce have a surprise for listeners this coming year?

What has happened in the lives of the Search and Rescue team members since Mary's rescue in 2013? What are they doing now?

Book Reviews and More

Besides life experiences, our writing this non-fiction, outdoors, misadventure story — involving Mount Hood, climbing, Search and Rescue, police help, worldwide prayer and news coverage, and a diverse community of supporters — has made us aware of other stories. We'd like to briefly share some of these with our thoughts on them as well.

Other topics will include answers to questions like, "What influences informed and inspired the writing of this book?" "Where did the idea for the book's format come from?" "What was the hardest part of writing this book?" "What was the most rewarding?


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